Wednesday, June 05, 2019


pre-DAWN PEPSI, yesterday EVENING's le petit français baguette

caught between the PLUS+PROGRESSION of Month.Year and some decreasing_numerical forces, a removable-red

a look at the power of DAWN from the written in TYPE keyboarded, slower, mostly restful, lots of people sleeping, pre-dawn%=n<.

answers reachable today in OREGON

answers that elude our instruments will occur to thinking hat wearing leadership

AFTER today's dawn and when ready, Monday's Seinfeld, because we have a 6-5 moon, please report to the BONJOVI Wednesday command

in 6-5, various calendar options, including a BASE-3 calendar

to those new to our group, please, discuss how Ben FRANKLIN's Poor Richard's ALMANAC inspired this GOOD BLOGGIN'

wishing everyone sleeping a fine 6-5 wake-up

Jerusalem and Algiers, thank you for the WHALE{s{ remake

our public speaking personnel, a birthday celebration SPEECH for the applicable, of every UNIVERSITY, graduates of the Class of 1989, of B-52 content, caliber, culling, cuteness, class, cord, circuit.

Cora, please, report to BONJOVI's Wednesday command to lend a hand with \\ce\\co\\cai today when ready.

Sunday, May 26, 2019


What is happening or what is not happening

2019, the year ANYTHING is possible, stops at wrongful medicine.  So, instead of stopping me, 2019 is fractured by one interpretation. With calendars of different ORIENTATIONS in use, some of the galactic medical team is in 2018 or thereabouts.


JIM CARREY, the GRATEFUL_DEAD's Box of Rain.  "a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago" just minutes ago I learned CARREY travelled here and found the vacant NEVA.  Carey and Carrey differ in capacity, in cases you are wonderin'

TIL is a MEXICAN TITAN identifier.  Pablo Portillo's "mission should he choose to accept it" is to find SEVEN MEXICAN TITANS who can be brought back to life thru GREECE.  Mexican fairies have a FAIRY PAIR representative in our México.

Ricky Martin, , the language of time travel in BO

Marc Anthony, thank you for today, 26th of May, 62 of 26, Contra La Corriente, La Vie en Rose et La Vie en Rouge

hello to Dean Martin, to Alan Alda and to Big Bird!  Hold a SUPERSTITIOUS APRIL SEVEN meeting in Dunkin' Donuts of Rome anytime before the end of GEmINI in June.

also happening...

Dean Martin’o’0’6a5t when I was preparing to blog here pulled up a special type of LETTER "a" just a few heartbeats away from now.

Alan Alda’o’0’6a5t pulled up a RED_BROKEN SUN to be removed.

Big Bird’o’0’6a5t pulled up a removal of poor trickery against CHILDREN.

not happening&;7&];violence, injuries inflicted by evil wrongdoers, we have the broken \g that moves you identified as MUST_CUT

Thursday, March 28, 2019


cut kut cut kut bad MA\g1_c_

Great Names in MAGIC

MAGIA trumps

not far, a girl named MAGIA TrUMP

Alabama, seal borders of would-be violent invaders

in the ISLANDS, the PONCE POWER can seal off the coast from would-be violent invaders


catch the broken27 s1gnall

......civil war tainted food to be ERASED
......civil war to be ERASED DRINK
in the FRENCH ABE, preparations for ALL CIVIL WARS

ASK those who are with GALAXY.ORG and are ABLE BODIED if they would fight for us

the french BEN, please, all terms for unjust_weapons removal

=experience to be erased and eRASING PROCESSED!

Monday, March 25, 2019



THREATENED by today's events with LAW wrongful in BO impure but in GODSPHERE it is grounds for ALL CORRECTIONS, let us who can look for betters for just and innocent in MASS KNOWLEDGE of loose ends in wrongful, loose ends in LAW that should not cause any more damage because in a good and just HAITI we landed a GOD OLYMPUS who is well and mostly happy.

THREATENED BY MASS UNHAPPINESs among those who are not PURELY GODS of GEOrGE WASHINGTON but simply happenstance in the vicinity of A PP L E, the world welcomes everyone but when one is hurt in ASTRAL so enormous, the hurt is felt and the STATUS cuts go against a live GOD_NERVE


INDIA in GODS of GEORGE WASHINGTON shows motion in C0VERT and dEADLY were it not for REALITY and POWER

CHINA is sad, it has so much more to offer but chooses to be a PROBLEM

Connecticut never really went anywhere, but knows that it is missing a lot of people for malfeasance, a broken law from the a stopped time ERA allowed people to be killed in the loss-of-life sense and some are not being revived

Miracles will be incomplete

DUSSELDORF  G !  My god.


?when did the GODS of GEORGE WASHINGTON sit down in DIGITALIA to do WRONG in the dETRIMENTAL SENSE

Not all, for sure, but with the ASTRAL CRASH it is difficult to tell why and how GODS of GEOrGE WASHINGTON are so interested in life_loss.

Saturday, February 09, 2019


will °all* the SLIM SHADYs please stand up

fa ra ta
fa ra ta

the rap stripe in the
is RED

redder the ninth day of FEBRUARY 2019 when we have RUSSIAN machinations still live in some remote corners of the GALAXee

redder and the first one

redder and the first one

fa ra ta
fa ra ta

query LE LO LA/21/i to complete the incomplete

Saturday, November 24, 2018


A late lunch/early DINNER from the newest McDonald's near us!

Every planet with McDonald's Magic seen!  The top treat, the specialty, keepsake soda cups that have local Christmas artwork, one of three WISE WOMEN and the other of a PARRANDA in harmony with the McDonald's logo.  For a moment, I saw myself in the BEN McDonald's in MIAMI where we have worked for the benefit of all.  At another moment, far far far from the first one, but very important, is to take back any unkind words about McDonald's written at the height of the malfeasance in 2005.  For the record, now I know the unkind, hyperbolic film behind those words taking aim at McDonald's for the food it served back in 2004-2005 was a HOAX. A filmmaker with Masters of the Universe connections concocted a tale and enlisted a relative with a remote likeness to him to gorge himself to gain weight and get sick, to generate illwill.  Galactic police, investigate this please, and help undo damage to all.

Back to 2018, back to BEN, back to planets were we have better chances, the crash underway is worse than imagined, please know EVERY MCDONALD's in MAGIC, in other forms of M have answers.  Ask the goodpeople of OREGON to see who is hungry and able to go to a McDonald's.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Thank you for INTERACTING with us, surely you can find a discussion worthwhile online to participate in... this one is to ask ?which song would you....

?which song would you listen to if you had five minutes before walking music-less out the housedoor

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


One of the FIRST INTERRACIAL MATCHES the girl ever SAW! she wasn't thinking about RACES then, but ONLY_LoVE


One of the FIRST INTERRACIAL MATCHES the girl ever SAW!  she wasn't thinking about RACES then, but ONLY_LOVE

RACES vary from PLANET to PLANET across the GALAXY, please check your compatibilities, your shared beliefs, values, favorites and ask for help from GALAXY.ORG if you need to, please!

Also, some MATCHES are MULTIRACIAL, others SUPERRACIAL, proceed with LOVE and COURAGE, ask for help if you need it!


Silent Morning

SILENT MORNING and the girl thought all had ANYWHERE deployed were defences.

Sunday, December 03, 2017


Twelve Years of Good Bloggin'

2017 marked Good Bloggin's 12th year! much has changed, the child within seems to grow somedays, seems absent on others, changed my life radically, from Stevia to Sugar!


McDonald's BREAKFAST, Golden Arches, have you forgiven those published words?

Galactic police, please investigate that the unkind words and poor news press coverage for McDonald's stemmed from malfeasance, someone set McDonald's up for poor news press and for resulting unkind words from me in this my original Good Bloggin'

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Former President of the United States of America, George W. Bush of TEXAS, was instrumental in bringing me online after the more than momentary blackout

Sunday, September 17, 2017



entering the zone where good godifying can trump false, evil&bad miscreants

Sunday, June 25, 2017



something unleashed a wave of falsehood into my processing region upstairs yesterday - the only truth I could pick from it that most of you, kind readers, have moved to better realities
t h 0 1

Saturday, June 24, 2017


rolling up all my pain into one, instead of having it exist as separate bursts



... :zero: ...

any man can not reach god status forcibly


lost and found between one thought to the next

L L L L 50 L L L 50 25 15 5
the hits to my head of late showed me where I was when my left wrist was injured

Friday, June 23, 2017


<<<{{{((run by tomorrow the moment all pain left me

0. ?is it possible to re-create our best moments, tomorrow a day to run re-creation of our best moments 1. ?how much history awaits re-writingment 2. ?what was the person who tried to poison beyond poison itself thinking 3. ?why and why not read at zero clairvoyance 4. ?which one, our planets 5. ?where to 6. ?could we 00. ?can we 11. ?is the link between red and blue live 22. ?zero 33. ?one 44. ?two 55. ?three 66. ?four

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