Saturday, November 24, 2018


A late lunch/early DINNER from the newest McDonald's near us!

Every planet with McDonald's Magic seen!  The top treat, the specialty, keepsake soda cups that have local Christmas artwork, one of three WISE WOMEN and the other of a PARRANDA in harmony with the McDonald's logo.  For a moment, I saw myself in the BEN McDonald's in MIAMI where we have worked for the benefit of all.  At another moment, far far far from the first one, but very important, is to take back any unkind words about McDonald's written at the height of the malfeasance in 2005.  For the record, now I know the unkind, hyperbolic film behind those words taking aim at McDonald's for the food it served back in 2004-2005 was a HOAX. A filmmaker with Masters of the Universe connections concocted a tale and enlisted a relative with a remote likeness to him to gorge himself to gain weight and get sick, to generate illwill.  Galactic police, investigate this please, and help undo damage to all.

Back to 2018, back to BEN, back to planets were we have better chances, the crash underway is worse than imagined, please know EVERY MCDONALD's in MAGIC, in other forms of M have answers.  Ask the goodpeople of OREGON to see who is hungry and able to go to a McDonald's.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Thank you for INTERACTING with us, surely you can find a discussion worthwhile online to participate in... this one is to ask ?which song would you....

?which song would you listen to if you had five minutes before walking music-less out the housedoor

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


One of the FIRST INTERRACIAL MATCHES the girl ever SAW! she wasn't thinking about RACES then, but ONLY_LoVE


One of the FIRST INTERRACIAL MATCHES the girl ever SAW!  she wasn't thinking about RACES then, but ONLY_LOVE

RACES vary from PLANET to PLANET across the GALAXY, please check your compatibilities, your shared beliefs, values, favorites and ask for help from GALAXY.ORG if you need to, please!

Also, some MATCHES are MULTIRACIAL, others SUPERRACIAL, proceed with LOVE and COURAGE, ask for help if you need it!


Silent Morning

SILENT MORNING and the girl thought all had ANYWHERE deployed were defences.

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