Wednesday, June 05, 2019


pre-DAWN PEPSI, yesterday EVENING's le petit français baguette

caught between the PLUS+PROGRESSION of Month.Year and some decreasing_numerical forces, a removable-red

a look at the power of DAWN from the written in TYPE keyboarded, slower, mostly restful, lots of people sleeping, pre-dawn%=n<.

answers reachable today in OREGON

answers that elude our instruments will occur to thinking hat wearing leadership

AFTER today's dawn and when ready, Monday's Seinfeld, because we have a 6-5 moon, please report to the BONJOVI Wednesday command

in 6-5, various calendar options, including a BASE-3 calendar

to those new to our group, please, discuss how Ben FRANKLIN's Poor Richard's ALMANAC inspired this GOOD BLOGGIN'

wishing everyone sleeping a fine 6-5 wake-up

Jerusalem and Algiers, thank you for the WHALE{s{ remake

our public speaking personnel, a birthday celebration SPEECH for the applicable, of every UNIVERSITY, graduates of the Class of 1989, of B-52 content, caliber, culling, cuteness, class, cord, circuit.

Cora, please, report to BONJOVI's Wednesday command to lend a hand with \\ce\\co\\cai today when ready.

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