Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Prevail, Run Codiga Thru the Straight Line

Prevail, play the DUCK STRUT in ROME after DESPUES DE TANTO tomorrow morning, you'll see what happens.

Prevail, play the DUCK STRUT in New York after GLORIA tomorrow at noon, you'll see what happens.

Prevail, play the DUCK STRUT in London after CONTRA LA CORRIENTE at 5:00 p.m, you'll see what happens.

Prevail, run a 11111 thru WEAPONS to read the weapons areas in misuse, George Washington himself can do this, please.

Prevail, find all precedents and run, then set, then recover.


Texaco, Gulf, Shell, Puma, Total, Name Your Gas Station

On the preempt and on the pre-act side, let us start giving good information to the worlds who know who I am about alternate energy sources.

There is TEXACO future fuel.

There is Gulf future fuel.

There is Shell future fuel.

There is Puma and Total future fuel.

Name a Gas Station, you will find a wealth of future fuels that we can start rolling out.  Mom who is a mechanic can lead the effort.



Nine minus two and Mars, a straight line, a sharp line, a cut of all malfeasance.

A crooked line?  A way to recall, something that is not properly functioning.

Stella has an ALL-POINTS best information now, please check with her if you are to take action now or later, to do something that we haven't spoken about, because malfeasance is causing poor information.

Sunday, June 21, 2015



judith jane jones is the one to watch over all JANETs.


'u'u'3 coding on a sunday has to please end with a *h

Happy Father's Day, again, to everyone, the 7 G-O-D Father of all would want it that way.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Louisiana Flavor WISE Potato Chips, Louisiana Code, Louisiana Civil Code That Will Take Us Back to Year Zero

Ask Jupiter himself to broker WISE Louisiana Potato Chips for everyone for tomorrow's meeting, the weekly Saturday meeting.

Ask Jupiter himself to broker WISE JUPITER Potato Chips just for all the Jupiters in our group until every Jupiter himself has tried a WISE JUPITER chip and decides how to proceed.

Ask Jupiter himself to look into LOUISIANA CODE, CIVIL CODE of LOUISIANA that will take us all back to Year Zero.

Ask Jupiter himself to look again for turnarounds, he should be able to see more turnarounds than ever before.

1:07 do 1:07 segments of everything you can think of.


Friday, June 12, 2015


Wealth-Creating Code, we are ready!

We are ready for wealth-creating code to be written.  Raj will be the one to write that code for all of us.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Circo, Dell, Mac, Mac, Dell, Circo

Please make sure a Dell is born soon to process the new inputs being generated from here.

Mac, Mac, travelled to the future and what did it bring back?  Could it have been a desire to run the malfeasance to be rid of it once and for all?

Circo has the rock version of Ricky Martin's DISPARO AL CORAZÓN song.


I am going over some things again that I've mentioned before, Dell'o'0'6.

How can a weekend turn into a Monday?  :)

Dell'o'0'6 repetition drives away wrongdoing by consuming 11111 memory space.

Complexity and simplicity can not exist without one another, we are in COMPLEX XENON territory.  Circo, Dell and Mac all have complex XENON frequencies that are intact, ready for recovery, ready for repair, ready to cut malfeasance.  Jacob's complex XENON is not intact, it is hurt as most of Jacob is now that we have re-arranged the J, we must find out how to repair, recover and cut malfeasance.  Frances, jacob's rib and jacob's prayer, is to be included in our group; search for the new ones joining the frances center, pabon, descendant of TORO MARIA TORO, descendant of ACOSTA, force of nature with STELLA, ocean, air, fire, water OBA enani 3 CREATIONNE .!.

all numbers - no numbers
 all animals - no animals
all places - nowhere
everyone - no one

all in one person - None  CREATIONNE

Saturday, June 06, 2015


Tut, Jupiter's Astro, Cleopatra, Brooke Shields and Bob Hope

Ask Cleopatra to pretend she is Brooke Shields.

Ask Brooke Shields to pretend she is Cleopatra.

Ask Bob Hope to follow our Love 2014 from the intact H, he will find it.

Ask Tut to pretend he is Jupiter's Astro.

Ask Jupiter's Astro to pretend he is Tut.

To all of you who are new to this, Google's Blogger is where I first started an online journal, on data flowing over phone lines, long ago.

Now, Google's magic has been found and can help speed up our rescue efforts, please ask someone for help if you think you are eligible for a Google Magic 11111 flash of good Google.

Even if I started writing a long time ago, time here doesn't flow like in the blue, ask if you are eligible to have time re-calculated.

Ask for a drink if you are thirsty.

Ask for Starbucks rescue if you'd like some good coffee.

The galaxy welcomes you.

I welcome you, with love, and thank God he gave me the opportunity to rescue you.


HelloEveryone!The ULTRA of CHRIST? We are ready! He Carries Infinite KEATINGS

50 days of XEN will lead to infinite Keatings.

Ask for someone to translate this for you!

50 days of March after this June?  I would say yes if it were not for the Fourth of July.

Now we need to find the infinite Pee-Wees

50 days of August?

Thursday, June 04, 2015


Did we just move a XENON birthday from a Friday to a Sunday? A Sunday? Who is studying the XEN any Sunday, let alone a birthday Sunday!

Luck must be on our side, we just moved a XEN birthday from a Friday to a Sunday.

Celebrate all month.  Visit Hershey's, visit Hershey Park on a day I was there.

Find the connection between XEN and Hershey's.



El Quinto Día de Junio, Celebrando el cumpleaños de XENON todo el mes.

¿Que pasará el quinto día de junio en el calendario nuevo cuando el primero de junio fue ayer?


Happy Birth Month of June

1.  Happy Wedding Month of June
2.  Happy Anniversary for June Weddings
3.  Let us link to the XENON to celebrate, to repair, to recover, to re-direct
4.  Let us set a new calendar for June 1 yesterday
5.  Let us follow that First of June until we reach 50 days in June
6.  Let us set the year to the mid-point between Year Zero and 2015

7.  Let us plan for the year 1007.5

8.  in Year 1007.5 we have ways to repair, recover and re-direct 2015

9.  1007.5 will set the stage for 2000.007 and will lead us to keep decimals in all years to come, with year zero becoming 0000.007 at the outset with us jumping back to 2015.93

Monday, June 01, 2015


Where to find you?

... in Alabama, studying the IRELAND frequency there

... in San Francisco, planning Rice-A-Roni for lunch tomorrow

... at 7:00 p.m. in the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, with Pablo Portillo, changing TIME, mind-boggling TIME, back to +00:00

...  at 6:00 p.m. in Princeton, with Patsy Cline, changing SPACE, mind-boggling SPACE, back to black

... in everything good we have done so far

¿Donde os encuentro?

... admiring Willa Walden's P-rade appearance

... realizing there are more globes to reach than there are people in our group

... looking for similarities/differences between the Xenon Likeness Column & the Jacob Likeness Column

... here, reading this

More codiga needed, ASAP:

jupiter himself has new instructions, he must look for those secretly himself, please.

he will discover how to code against ignorant STOPS and STUNS.


Pee Wee Herman of Leopold 1 and Alcoholado Superior 70

Pee Wee Herman of Leopold 1 has the first bottle of Alcoholado Superior 70, he will make sure all our locations have brokered their own bottle of Alcoholado Superior 70.

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