Sunday, April 27, 2014


Love 2014 Songs

Amor Prohibido

Breathe Again

Con Te Partiro


Cuando Se Va El Amor

End of the Road


Es Por Amor

Every Breath You Take
From This Moment
How Deep Is Your Love

If You Ask Me To

Karma Chameleon



The Greatest Love Of All

Unicornio Azul

Waiting for Tonight


You Are The Inspiration


The Good Globe Young People Do Good Things!

Good things are happening in the Good Globe!  See for yourself!  Make any suggestions you may have to!

A1 Paris, France, "Medical School"  Alicia has more resources waiting for her to help her accomplish her goals.  She has the Argentinian Dr. Donnica to summon to help Dr. Donnica with the enormous work ahead.

2.  Elsa can ask the Defence to assign someone to come sing in her address in Villa Nevarez frequently.

3.  Francesca can ask the President of Galaxy.Org to research making Toro Negro a bigger place, with more plants/vegetation, and other beings who may want to call Toro Negro home.

4.  Eva is to please remove wrongdoing from the Sesame Street group in Poland.

5.  Esther is to please research "Defence of Holidays" and see if the Defence will help her create a nucleus of holiday defence in Bombay, India.  She is not to forget to ask for the Indian, Bombay toy store!  Some of the defenders can also be toy store personnel!

6.  Fabianna is to make sure the entire Jupiter cloud is properly revived after the crisis!  She is to please research this and ask for help from her teachers/tutors/Philadelphia/San Francisco to revive all Jupiters properly.  She is to find out how to remove wrongdoing at the Jupiter level.  She will find out!  She will succeed!

7.  Frida is to visit the Bombay, India toy store when it is open.  She is to research toy heaven and help bring toys who are thrown in the trash or otherwise hurt be recycled/reborn/refurbished and given to the right child.

8.  Emanuel has Bedrock to research, especially how it relates to Italy.  He has the rocks of Italy to study.  He can study the rocks of Pisa, the rocks of Florence, the rocks of Taranto and ask for a protected, closed Children's Italy to do his study from!

9.  Giselle is to visit Cleopatra in Aibonito.  When she researches this, she will know what to do.

10.  Georgina is to please rescue Philadelphia's Boyz II Men group.  She is to research this and help locate the right couple for each member of the group Boyz II Men.

11.  Golda when she prepares the follow up presentation for 2015 on Rice-A-Roni will see we have unearthed more information about Jerry Rice and his couple.  

12.  Castro is to also prepare his 2015 presentation [everyone will be asked to start putting research aside for the 2015 presentations] .  He is to help find the galactic Masters of the Universe area.  He is to visit Galicia and help research the galactic importance of Galicia.  Galicia has particular importance for the Masters of the Universe.

13.  Sila is to please ask Frida Feldman for help to open the Aibonito Toy Store.  Toy Store personnel can also be Aibonito Defence personnel.  Sila is to please ask for help from the Aibonito Cacique in doing this.  Sila has the Aibonito children's playground to open.  she also has Dr. Donnica from Aibonito to summon to help the Dr. Donnica cloud.

14.  Iris is to please help create the boy Ivan Irizarry who will be like her brother.  She's to ask for help to build her network of boys, including her brothers and her cousins, her friends, and those boys that are part of a good social circle.

15.  Jessica has a trip to Punta Arenas to say hello to the Arroyo family.  When she researches this she will know what to do.  

16.  Michelle has a home on the Hudson that has a river docking bay for a riverboat.  She's to please ask for help from the President of Galaxy.Org to obtain this.  She's also to ask for help to build her network of boys, including her brothers, her cousins, her friends, her schoolmates and those found to be a part of a good social circle.

17.  Madeline is to please help defend French children!  She is to ask for help from the defence in doing this, we may discover French children are not defended at all.

18.  Olguita is to plan her 2015 presentation to include Willie Wonka in Miami.  As she researches this she will know what to do.

19.  Pamela is to research A3 which is found over Saint Helen's.  She has a bigger campus for Saint Helen's to ask for, she can start asking the President of Galaxy.Org.  

[Twenty!  Be careful with number bigger than 18!]  In Isabel García's address in California, Sarah has Active Sesames to research.  She will deactivate active but poor sesames.  Thank you.  She can please compare Active Sesames to Active Karma by comparing information with Saralee Singapore.

G7/7G In Singapore, Saralee is to research why there is a line of bakery products named Sara Lee!  She can ask the Karma to help her broker some Sara Lee Pound Cake for the young child that is being raised in Singapore.  She will research this and know which young child I am referring to.  She is to please research the LEE.  She will also research the connection between Active Karma and Active Bo.

******* Tatiana has to study Bedrock from the fantasy angle.  She also has to study Mississippi from the fantastic angle.  Mississippi fantasy will be a big help during the crisis, she can research this and will know what to do.

Vanessa is to ask for help to bring her brother VELASCO VELEZ to life.  She's to please ask for a good social circle to be built for her - taking into account the people she has in her life already.  

Zuleyka Zachary is to continue to study the suns of the galaxy.  She is to start researching her 2015 presentation. Zuleyka is to go back to the vendor who was offering the expensive bookmarks using closed SOLAR CHANNEL travel and explain I could not afford the bookmarks were too expensive.  If she can, she can buy one to keep as a souvenir of today!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Whale! Not referring to size, can be a person!

Please research who whales that are persons are and remember the term "whale" is not referring to their size!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Tomorrow is April 23rd! Welcome the Great Wizard of Sabana Grande to Our Group!

Everyone please find out why April 23rd is important!

Everyone please plan the welcome function for the Great Wizard of Sabana Grande!





Everyone make a point to visit the Rivera Nazario home in Sabana Grande!

¡Muchísimas gracias!

Friday, April 18, 2014


Yesterday was the 17th of April Already

April is just becoming May faster than faster.  Today while at church someone tried to break into my elderly mother's Jeep Patriot.  She likes leaving little things in her Jeep, now she has to move everything.  And, she's very upset.  Writing this I relive the moment of hearing something wrong in her voice.  God help us.

Something makes me want to look back at the year that has passed.   Everything since last Easter.  Have I become a better person?  I hope so.  Have I lived my life for the good of others?  I hope so.  Do I need to make any changes?  I do.  There are some changes I can not put into words but I must make changes in my life to make it even better.

A list randomly added here for those who know I'd like to write a book someday:

God, help us live peaceful, happy lives away from crime from now on.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Taurus!  Where is the karma of Taurus?

April 16, 2014 someone reminded me we are in Taurus.  Taurus in love.  Olympic.  Olympic and not olympic.  This young man is taurus even if he does not know it.


200/200 200=200 -'2'0'0-Doscientas Familias

Doscientos Amigos
Doscientas Flores
Doscientas Canciones
Doscientas Obras de Arte
Doscientos Poemas
Doscientos Cuentos
Doscientas Golosinas
Doscientos Juguetes
Doscientas Soluciones
Doscientos Milagros
Doscientas Explicaciones
Doscientos Trucos Mágicos
Doscientas Palabras
Doscientos Paisajes
Doscientas Visitas
Doscientos Viajes
Doscientos Pinceles
Doscientos Colores
Doscientos Dibujos

200 Memorias

200 Recuerdos

200 Imágenes

200 no se me pueden olvidar doscientas familias

Thursday, April 03, 2014


April 2014 200 Families

200 flowers
200 drops of rain
200 clouds
200 breezes
200 blades of grass
200 butterflies
200 toys
200 books
200 cartoons
200 letters
200 favorites
200 friends

who is going to remember 200 families?

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