Saturday, May 31, 2014


... Starbucks

...  Fuentes BBQ
...  McDonald's
...  Wendy's
...  Panda Express
...  Burger King
...  Magno Pizza Palace
...  Baskin Robbins
...  Kentucky Fried Chicken
...  Church's
...  Coca-Cola
...  Pepsi
...  Frito-Lay
...  Nabisco
...  Nestlé
...  Bagels
...  Denny's
...  Chili's
...  Macaroni Grill
...  Wal-Mart
...  K-mart
...  Subway
...  Freshmart
...  SuperMax
...  Los Robles
...  Pollo Tropical
...  Mandy's
...  El Fogón del Rey
...  Krispy Kreme
...  Dunkin' Donuts
...  Sbarro
...  Firehouse Subs
...  Metropol
...  Ponderosa
...  Bonanza
...  Sizzler
...  On the Border
...  Margarita's
...  Taco Bell
...  Taco Maker
...  Quizno's
...  El Mexicano
...  Berlin Café
...  Goya
...  Popeye's
...  Buchanan

italian, mexican, chinese, asian, french, american, puerto rican/criollo, new jersey, pennsylvania, maryland, washington dc, virginia, florida, massachusetts, new york, texas, indian,  curry,  vietnamese,  Thai, Vigor,

do not try all in a single day!

is it true we haven't been there in more than a year!

I've made my peace with McDonald's!

Is it true there is a witch for each one?

Is it true today is May 31st?

Is it true i love u?

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Pabonas in Bloom

Hibiscus in bloom, known in Spanish as Amapola or Pabona more colloquially.  Study the Grandmasters of the Universe frequencies of the Pabona!  There you will find more opportunities to remove wrongdoing.  Thank you.

Apologies to those who do not study frequencies -- this is the only way I can communicate with the large group who does!

Pabonas have a Masters of the Universe frequency which is misused, those who can will correct that misuse!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Facebook Recent Postings: A Photograph and Snippets

"Art and Music in the making ......."

"I dwell in the clouds when God lifts me" 

"Pour happiness into these pots!"

... the moon on monday needs repairs

Good salsa on the radio, on Zeta 93 FM

power was restored

Café Tacuba's masterpiece CD RE turns 20 years old this july 2014.

... more time to reach God and vice versa.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Can the 200 families in a distant planet guide us on how to populate the entire galaxy?


200 families know what other families should populate other planets, some near, some far, other families such as the Gucci family, the Pabon family, the Crumlish family, the Zachary family and all the families represented in the Good Globe.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Something Wrong Early \\\\\\ A Group of Families Answers Our Call for Help

When something is wrong early, there may be more time to fix it.

A May welcome to the Galveston family, the Gucci family, the Moliere family, the Baker family and the Gaetán family.  These families have answered our call for help to remove early wrongdoing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Tuesday, May 13th 11:27 a.m. God speaks in ways we may not understand.

God speaks through people and things such as:

  Christian Crumlish and his Mediajunkie

  Padre Edgardo Sanabria Santaliz of the María Madre de la Iglesia Parish

  María Celeste Arrarás and her Al Rojo Vivo

  CindyLu Mosqueda of Lotería Chicana
  Michael Moore and his Fahrenheit 911

God speaks thru the sun.

God speaks thru the winds.

God speaks thru the rain.


Sunday, May 04, 2014


Sister Sunday

Now that my sisters live far away from here, one in New Orleans, Louisiana, the other in Minneapolis, Minnesota;  I seldom see them any day, let alone on Sunday.  Today my sister from New Orleans is here.  At her request, we drove to Bayamón to the national cementery of puerto rico where our father and my father-in-law are buried.   Dad has been there since 1992, Don Teco my father-in-law since 2004.  If neither our dad or my father-in-law can be with us, then that cementery is not a bad place to be, beautifully pedicured and manicured vegetation.  State-of-the-art facilities.  The sun hits Don Teco's grave.  Across the street, at Porta Coeli Cementery, we visited Tío Amilcar, our great uncle.  Tío Amilcar has been in Porta Coeli since 2006.   A sidewalk vendor outside both cementeries sold flowers, my sister picked the perfect white bouquet for our great uncle.

Now i imagine what Sister Sunday would be like if all three men were alive, Dad, Don Teco and Tío Amilcar.

Unchanged maybe my sister's trip to get her nails done with a friend.

Later we are meeting my sister again for lunch.  


Saturday, May 03, 2014


May Month for Madonna Music


Like a Virgin?


All good songs to listen to this month of May!

Friday, May 02, 2014


4:00 p.m., $40.00, 4 of May, Cab IV, Four Seasons

... there is more to be done in Paris, France at 4:00 p.m. any day, some day and for some french people, everyday!

... $40.00 will point you toward the malfeasance against animals region

... 4 of May, may the fourth be with you, is it true there is another Star Wars film on its way to the silver screen?  karma is galactic that day!  we have time to get ready for it.

... Cab IV has repairs and answers

... Four seasons need repairs

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