Monday, July 28, 2014


Do we know all there is to know about the infinity in 28?

Summer greetings everyone!

Have we all been properly protected at the beach this summer?

Have we had the good fortune of going to the mountains this summer?

How well is jeffrey doing as he plans his autumn?

Does jacob know he is missed here these days?  Is he planning to come back?  Only jacob can see/read a lot of what is happening and what is going to happen in the next few days!

Mentioning jeffrey and jacob in the same blog posting leads us to big answers, everyone must look for those big answers.




Madeline Moliere!  The Good Globe!  Dominic Keating!  Inanimate comes to mind but we are not ready for it, I'd rather study the frenchness of his right love -- why was the KEATING right love in France?  We will know when we are ready for the Keating and the Inanimate!


july 29th?  july 30th?  july 31st?  july 32?  july 33rd!  Go for it, those who work magic on calendars, jupiter?  july 33rd will be a prime day to work on repairs, erases, magic, miracles and all the good things we all do.

Merci beaucoup!

Thursday, July 03, 2014


Fireworks Tonight

Look for a celebration of all big July wrongdoing cuts.  Look for a way to run July wrongdoing cuts into August, September, October and November.  There will be a new set of cuts in December.

Look for the intact spoon frequency of fire, standing in that frequency with all safety precautions taken, weaponry can be removed from all that needs to be recalled.  Look for a jump back to Fireworks of Last Year, here it was the non-year, superstition-filled 2013, to set up something you will know how to set up when you research this!

Look for the Purple Fireworks to calm the stormy skies.  My purple eyeglasses are proof of the calming effects of purple.  Think of all summer purple things we need to use to calm agitated others.  Research summer purple.  Remember the purple rose of Cairo!

In LOVE 2014 efforts, there is a fireworks display for a day soon, while working on fireworks make sure you identify the LOVE 2014 fireworks and let everyone know so that the date on which those fireworks will be displayed is saved.

early fourth of july greetings!  warmth.  prosperity.  everything good.

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