Saturday, January 30, 2016


plus positive mas plus February will be in A, put us in A please!

... the top of the mag will not have to sing the Don McLean version of AMERICAN PIE

... but the top of the mag will have to decide what to do with us during the crisis - will he follow JUPITER?  Will he do something else?  the top of the mag decides ...


... to me, BO is everything, OB gnihtyreve, but apparently there are other areas we have yet to reach -- from ELEPHANT MAGIC?  from PYRAMID MAGIC?  from TOP of the MAG MAGIC?

Friday, January 15, 2016


Daily Book Choice by Each Good Globe Location

now that we know 2016 will be much worse than 2015 -/- we have a book-related daily thing to do at each Good Globe location::

 pick a book, daily, that we should read based on TITLE, on AUTHOR, on LOCATION, on STORY TOLD or on ANY OTHER REASON --

-- by the end of 2016, we should have a list of over 300 books from *each* Good Globe location.

You decide who will be the keeper of the lists, I am thinking someone in ALCALÁ, where the CERVANTES good sesame can be created to help in this effort to ward off malfeasance in 2016 by immersing ourselves in books!


2015 Annual Report?

We have time to decide if preparing to present an ANNUAL REPORT for 2015 will be a good idea.... the ANNUAL REPORT for 2015 could help protect us against malfeasance in 2016.


Our 2016 Phone Book and Other Publications

We have a window of opportunity to work on a Phone Book that includes children's art work.

We have a window of opportunity to publish a face book with the faces and locations of every one we have created.

We also can publish a YEARBOOK, going back to each of the following years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 complete with photographs of our events in that give year.

Sunday, January 03, 2016


2016 here, challenges ahead

[1] We need to attach ourselves to the first wheel to maintain roundness in face of challenges from a line trying to flatten us [2] who are the 2 higher ups that respond to even abuse?  [3] every day will be a struggle, every day we need to put ourselves in fight mode, in the worst days, Karma will take the EAST [4] re-read [3] and make plans to code daily, daily, daily, morning, noon & night

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