Monday, October 19, 2009


A Winnacle In T Major

Puerta, door, pollito, chicken, gallina, hen, lapiz, pencil, pluma, pen, Maestra, Teavcher, Telly, TV, televisor, plancha, iron, lampara, lamp, mesa, table, cortina, curtain, porcelana, porcelain, piano, horon, horno, oven, lavamanos, sink, ventana, window, nevera, refridgerator, air conditioner, abanico, fan, automovil, car, telefono, telephone, anillo, sortija, r...r....r...ring 7.00 Red, g r e e n & Gold Paisley.

Tinnacles ! The Coloring Book of the Web, the Path to Turkey Hill, Lancaster, Pennsylvania -- Millenium Falcon, Harrison Ford. The day Rice and Bean - - we waved Cupey Degrees trrs Asbury, Hollywood, London, Paris, New Delhi > > 80

Saturday, October 17, 2009


OO, EE, LL Cool J, BB King

Duck Dancing Deer. Cartoon Dancing Deer (same link). Football Dancing Deer. Sweet Dancing Deer. Moonterrestrial Dancing Deer. Bread & Beurre Donkey Dancing Deer. LIFESAVERS LOLLIPOP DANCING DEER. Eddie Veder Chlorophyll Dancing Deer. FORTRESS The Only ISABEL GARCIA DE LA LOMILLA DANCING DEER.

Friday, October 02, 2009


Radio Waves, Ocean Waves, Woody Allen's Purple Rose of Cairo II

Knock on wood . Mia Farrow makes it back from the Silent Morning Sea Of. Jefff Daniels l i g h t h o u s e s . In Rincon, in Fajardo, in the Bay o' Maine, in P O R T T I E R R A .

The shovel said "They are all mine" .

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