Thursday, December 05, 2019

just because


just because

the truth was revealed to me, the second jupiter INSTANTLY lost his INTELLECT to his MATCH's EARIDECTOMY

just because

in U2's 2020 we have calendars for everyone who wants a new one -- U2020  birthday on traditional G calendar September 21 2020 on a Monday, a U2 anything they are looking for to decide when to sing happy birthday and Monday concert as comfy and fit {a} ATHENS!

just because
 February 10, 2020, you will have been reading Good Bloggin' 15 years

just because

we crashed VERTICALLY as can be seen by instrumentation AND crashed diagonally as CAN NOT BE SEEN only felt


fifth for final

it dawned on me the seriousness of time travel when I caught a sad j and changed his future in a SWIRL

the SIXTIETH day

Wednesday, December 04, 2019


four days of WAR in TIME are all in I, a special TIME UNIT, the rightful always win

Fajardo, please, find out how we became visible in war conditions in a distant sphere

yesterday, we broke off at M and at W, a sign of REAL DANGER, please update your plans and ask for instruments; better

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