Sunday, February 27, 2005


Baby blog takes its first steps w. Xian

Hello to everyone who linked here from -- the virtual move is still in the works but before I'd like to take my first steps to introduce to you who this "baby blog" considers the first in my All-time Pros of the Blogosphere.

1. Fellow Princeton alum, Christian "Xian" Crumlish, runs Radio-Free Blogistan, which is skillfully packed to the last byte with useful information, opinion and advice. Rev up all your neurons, your experience will be tantamount to taking a fantastic voyage into Xian's digital brain, his blog is one of the best of the web and his team of co-writers is top-notch. Xian published "Power of Many" last year, the first book I'm buying for myself from Amazon (most of my e-purchases there are gifts, including the "write-your-own book" I got for my 8-year old niece) in a long time. The "Power of Many" blog is available to effortlessly practice what Xian is preaching, visit it regularly if you'd like to become more sophisticated in matters related to the Web's many powers, carefully selected briefings on the tech-world, and a soft-spoken tone which will keep you coming back. Visit his personal blog, Xianlandia, if you'd like a candid look @ his everyday life and to see more of his remarkable creative talents on display.

As I learn more about pro-blogging, I'll clue you in on who I consider part of this All-Time Pro group, ok? You, please, feel free to recommend any mega-bloggers (or baby bloggers and any in between the two) out there to me.

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Tea Collection Growth Slowed Down

Today, my Vanilla Hazelnut and Pau D'Arco tea boxes were taken away by an impatient delivery peson who didn't wait for me to answer the door! Now, my collection is just at the ones I have here, ready for my friends and those of you I'm trying to favorably impress (you know who you are!) who may want to stop by and have a cup:
  1. Blueberry Leaf (alert, alert, this one is not blue, but it's still good for you, I'd suggest you have it in the morning)
  2. Chamomile (At first, calming but then a bit jittery but it's still nice)
  3. Chinese Green Tea (the supercalihealthilicious-antioxidant-e)
  4. Echinacea (anti-inflammatory, will help even the most infected of tonsils)
  5. Fasting Yogi Tea (I've had it for awhile maybe I'll take it off this list once my Vanilla Hazelnut gets here.)
  6. Ginger Root (beware, one cup of this one will keep you super-awake for hours!)
  7. Passion Flower (a misnomer, it'll put you right to sleep just like any good sedative)
  8. Peppermint (the one I'm drinking now)
  9. Sleepytime (this one has been languishing since I'd rather have Passion Flower @ night)
I'm going to post a note on my front gate to the delivery person "wait! I'm here, I need my tea delivery! P.S. I need my organic futon cover too!"

Friday, February 25, 2005


"Bloggin' for Good" and for all "evening birds" out there

Share these two thoughts with all your friends:

1. "Bloggin' for Good" in our quest to support

2. "The evening bird grows worms" in our quest to give a new twist to success


Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Jumpin' Beans: Employee-owned health food/fast food

Jumpin' Beans, as I mentioned to you, would be my health food/fast food restaurant of choice - I'd set it up as an employee-owned chain. There would be a place where children could jump and the mascots would be the beans -- Jumpin', Black, White, Pink, Kidney, Green Pea, Lima, Garbanzo, etc.

The menu would include bean burgers, a healthy baked potato, my famous black beans, and a list of organic choices.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Taking the "can" out of the beans! Say Hooray Parmesan ! ! ! !

Ever wonder why your cannned beans are not nearly as good as your overnight-soak or fresh ones? Here's a quick way to take the "can" out of your beans! Do a mini-soak, soaking your beans for a few minutes to remove any salt or preservatives that may have been canned with your beans! I use my Pyrex giant (32 oz) measuring glass container with handle - my beans look pretty and happy as I remove salt and preservatives with a clean, cold water soak. When you have more time, you can also soak canned beans overnight - I'm soaking red kidney beans now in the fridge in a covered plastic 16 0z. Tupperware -- with extra virgin oil, oregano, cumin and low-sodium salt alternative. Tomorrow, I'm going to make bean paste in my handy mini-food processor to then cook (@ low temperature as I normally do!) for a nice "frijoles refritos"-type dish.

If I ever opened a health-food/fast-food chain it'd be called "Jumpin' Beans"!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Tonsils or Not? Here you go...

Update: If you'd like to see how my tonsillectomy research advocacy is going, visit the Missing Lymph Blog.

Original Posting: This good blog has been silent as I've dedicated myself to my tonsillectomy survey. Please e-mail if you would like to participate.

Friday, February 11, 2005


Stale Pita Rescue

Rescue stale whole wheat pita from the fridge! Cut one pita circle in strips. Stir fry it at a very low temperature (I used the next to lowest setting in my stove top dial) in a covered pan with extra virgin olive oil sprinkled with marjoram and oregano and a bunch of sliced, fresh veggies -- I used onions, green peppers, garlic and carrot shavings (shaved instead of cut to bring their cooking time to par with all the sliced veggies). Sprinkle all a bit of salt after a few minutes of stir-frying (Please don't kill your veggies with high cooking temperatures or too much salt). The finishing touch: I added a bit of cubed roasted garlic Vermont cheddar cheese for a melted layer on top. The result: one of my culinary masterpieces: crisp, tasty veggies with chewy pita.


Green cleaning on

Those of you on my e-mail list may remember how I circulated good links for ecologically-correct detergents and cosmetics.... visit to find more green cleaning suggestions.

I have big dreams for -- I just found the '04 winner of the Webby award in Activism: Have you ever visited If not, then, maybe, now is your chance....



Looking for the perfect website, I think I found it:

Do you recommend any others? I'm setting up my and need good examples!



Black Bean Tofu

My favorite beans, black beans, are the most nutritious in the WORLD. Has anyone heard of Black Bean Tofu? I'm going to post a recipe here but I'd like to know if any of you already have one.
Blogfather :: NUIT? NOIR? Black Beans at KNIGHT! 007 plus oh oh seven, fourteen meals those things



b l og!

blogged by: Frances M. Pabon

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Green Roads

Green Roads is an idea that occurred to me while travelling on a paved road a couple weekends ago. I thought to myself:

  1. How could we pave that road with matter that produces oxygen?
  2. Or could we pave the road with material that absorbs the exhaust fumes generated by the vehicles travelling on it?
  3. Or could the road generate electricity for the lights that illuminate it as well as the surrounding communities?
When I googled Green Roads I liked the top two hits:

  1. a project in Nepal
  2. a very readable description of permeable pavement

Now, how can we generate interest in this subject among eco-entrepreneurs and scientists (both young and old) everywhere?

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