Sunday, May 26, 2019


What is happening or what is not happening

2019, the year ANYTHING is possible, stops at wrongful medicine.  So, instead of stopping me, 2019 is fractured by one interpretation. With calendars of different ORIENTATIONS in use, some of the galactic medical team is in 2018 or thereabouts.


JIM CARREY, the GRATEFUL_DEAD's Box of Rain.  "a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago" just minutes ago I learned CARREY travelled here and found the vacant NEVA.  Carey and Carrey differ in capacity, in cases you are wonderin'

TIL is a MEXICAN TITAN identifier.  Pablo Portillo's "mission should he choose to accept it" is to find SEVEN MEXICAN TITANS who can be brought back to life thru GREECE.  Mexican fairies have a FAIRY PAIR representative in our México.

Ricky Martin, , the language of time travel in BO

Marc Anthony, thank you for today, 26th of May, 62 of 26, Contra La Corriente, La Vie en Rose et La Vie en Rouge

hello to Dean Martin, to Alan Alda and to Big Bird!  Hold a SUPERSTITIOUS APRIL SEVEN meeting in Dunkin' Donuts of Rome anytime before the end of GEmINI in June.

also happening...

Dean Martin’o’0’6a5t when I was preparing to blog here pulled up a special type of LETTER "a" just a few heartbeats away from now.

Alan Alda’o’0’6a5t pulled up a RED_BROKEN SUN to be removed.

Big Bird’o’0’6a5t pulled up a removal of poor trickery against CHILDREN.

not happening&;7&];violence, injuries inflicted by evil wrongdoers, we have the broken \g that moves you identified as MUST_CUT

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