Saturday, April 27, 2013


Crashing in Zeus: The Ocean and The Sand

Hej D., What happened today would not have happened had Stella González of India herself been brought in to Castrurdiales to see how the ocean is crashing, as it normally crashes, into waves.  Stella Felli comes to mind as someone who can read the sand *and* the ocean, including how ocean waves crash into the sand or rocks, palm trees or pine trees, shells or starfish.

Anyone can translate for Stella González should there be a language barrier.

Stella Felli is to be made in Rimini and be Italian.  She will do her readings in Taranto, Italy and she is to please read the Mediterranean in Italian.

Molto grazie.  I'll stop now, the ocean readings are hers, the Ocean Witch.

Pa, F.

P.D.:  Stella's sizable defence will always know where her couple is.  Stella0c] and Stella'o'0'6.


Unwanted, Even Belligerent, Visitors

We must ask for help to scan the spectrum for belligerent and/or unwelcome beings that may try to appear in our midst.  I suspect Damian Buczek to be at risk of being the target of such visit.  Defence must have answers and proactive scanning equipment.  Ask the good people who are in Haiti, the people in Fajardo and the people in France to query what equipment is available for spectrum defence purposes.

The best place to scan is the Arecibo Observatory, a place we must become familiar with and learn about the defence efforts that already are underway there.  The Arecibo Observatory is the only site of its kind.  It may not be accessible from certain frequencies.

What causes belligerence in the Universe?  Lack of attention comes to mind, lack of preventive efforts, uninformed leadership and isolation.  Leadership, Elizabeth, Karma, the very top of the totem pole, the Grandmasters, the Masters all must make efforts to understand this problem, to cut off access to weaponry, to cut off access to means of transportation to peaceful locations and identify the would-be perpetrators of unwanted, belligerent visits.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Italian Massachusetts = Taranto Is Taranto

Stregoneria can be used to follow up after  the cut offs of false governments and false gods -- use it on Roma 9 with Karma's help.  As I think of other uses, I will update this posting.  Molto grazie.


Will Smith Is Will Smith. Third Superman With Karma Is Third Superman With Karma.

The third superman with Karma, Will Smith has codiga to run, just like Lynn Swan who had codiga to run as the fifth superman with Karma.


Approaching the Injury Cloud

Last night's events of fighting, falling and being hurt in general remind me to remind you of the group that set out to cause injuries.  The cloud has reached us, some people who would otherwise be peaceful may be induced to cause injuries.  I have tried and tried to put an end to that injury-causing effort but time has shown that I have not been successful.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 Good Bloggin' since 2005

Green Roads was the first Good Bloggin' posting posted more than eight years ago in February 10th 2005.  February 2013 passed without a mention of this as I was blogging about other things.  So today, when the 25th of April gives everyone an opportunity to remember things that must be done before the end of April, I thought I would blog a follow-up posting to that one written 8 years ago.  Here is the Google search for Green Roads, see for yourself how much has changed in 8 years.  Important to remember:  8 carries an infinity to be studied.

Good Bloggin' has changed too, shifting focus to provide new, original information to readers.  So there are less links, less conveying information secondhand.



Stregoneria = Witchcraft in Italian

  1. Stregoneria/Stregoneria=1.
  2. Stregoneria0c]
  3. Stregoneria'o'0'6
Where is the Italian Salem? Italian Massachusetts?  Witchcraft in April is of a bright color -- it flowers, is positive and happens in less than an instant when planned to be good.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Magic Month = Magic Month = November.

It worked!  What you tried to do is working to perfection, wrongdoing is being ran reluctantly -- we have to find out who is running the wrongful commands and put a stop to it.  It occurred to me that Magic Month has been scattered among various days during various months, so for example, July 13, 2012 is a Magic Month day that goes in the year when April 23, 2013 is also a Magic Month day.  Both appear to belong in November!  Perhaps with the collapse in Leo, Autumn was impacted and caused the scattering of November's magical days.

Monday, April 22, 2013


The Moon Today Is At The Center

Today, Monday April 22nd 2013, the moon is influencing the Sun on the right side from its center position.  That is resulting on the appearance of the latin Sun, el Sol.  Taurus is not as strong as last year which is logical, one year is different from the next, as days are different from one another, weeks are different from one another and moons are different from each other.  That is regardless of established routines that may appear the same each time.

Also today there is all powerful Solar Karma.  I have a feeling that today the Sun is also centering, a position it may keep throughout Taurus 2013.  So please expect a centering Sun tomorrow, an opportunity to learn about its nucleus and to study the rare Solar Taurus.

Enjoy your moon-day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


T-points This Tuesday

Monday, April 15, 2013


Defence Moon Monday

Today's moon is all for defence.  It shows the emergence of wrongdoing as a result of ignorance/lack of attention as well as faulty matchmaking.  Ask it "what went wrong?"  Look for good answers and for a path to follow to defend.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Karma on Sunday

Karma all this week, April 14th thru April 21st. [it does overlap with strong astrological Karma of Taurus!]  Café Istanbul's location has the spot for the beginning of Karma.  How far is it from the Jupiter's beginnings?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Springtime Karma

.... today the Karma of the Aces is uncorrupted
.... today is the first Karma day of Spring
.... today Karma is grey
.... today Karma can eliminate wrongdoing
.... today, the Karma is strong

Monday, April 08, 2013


Springtime Sun

The moon of the springtime sun is of the Acropolis.  During the spring, the Sun is more immediate in running good magic efforts.


the moon on Monday: Olympic

Today's Monday moon is Olympic.  Finding the moon is something I like to do on Mondays these days.  Explaining that the moon is something more than Earth's satellite is something I need to work on asap.

Monday, April 01, 2013


April Tools, Yes, with a "T"

No time for fooling -- those who fled madness are welcome to return now that numerous false godifications and false governments have been halted, the April Tool set ( with a "T") an April screwdriver, an April hammer, an April wrench.

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