Friday, May 29, 2015


Spoon x 3

Damian Buczek has given his blog a new look and, in the latest entry, has added this image I've saved here as Spoon x 3.  A spoon x # !  So simple, so breakfast, lunch, dinner, so infinite, so savagely civilized.

Spoon me Friday three times!  3 spoons of sugar\anything.  3 spoons of salt to nothing.

Spoon x 3 now a leading favorite on the Internet.

Look for the Pencil/pen x EVERYONE [everyone who participates] impact starting at midnight tonight.  Leopold1BRD.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Red White & Blue Top of the Mag? Run it from the GUI birth of the Web.

GUI?  Birth of the Web?  those who know what this means, know who will be the one to run the red, white and blue web from the GUI start.

Hidden or visible, have the greatest red, white and blue on the GUI that can support the right stars and stripes.

Arabic Karma from the Neva is setting her royal PIE in COLORADO, to help all children attain a wizardrous status never before seen.  Arabic HOGWARTS?  Beware all miscreants.

Welcome, red white and blue, to all recently created, i can only wear a CREATESS head covering in the USA, in COLORADO, in ARIZONA, in TENNESSEE, in OKLAHOMA and New York.

Haitian head coverings for ADRIAN working in HAITI are visible, please look for them, the ADRIAN cloud will need them to look into their own 5:08 and run the 5:08 from the very first A.

Welcome from Zuleyka Zachary, from Alicia Alemar, and from Pamela Pabon.  Welcome from Castro Gucci and from Emanuel Garcia.  Welcome from Georgina Garcia and Giselle Garcia.  Welcome from everyone in the Good Globe.  The Good Globe will find their own special welcome for each one recently created, with a particularly NOISY, GOOD NOISY welcome to the CRYSTAL-MOVING group in Haiti.

Love to all.  Love to you who reads this.

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