Sunday, May 04, 2014


Sister Sunday

Now that my sisters live far away from here, one in New Orleans, Louisiana, the other in Minneapolis, Minnesota;  I seldom see them any day, let alone on Sunday.  Today my sister from New Orleans is here.  At her request, we drove to Bayamón to the national cementery of puerto rico where our father and my father-in-law are buried.   Dad has been there since 1992, Don Teco my father-in-law since 2004.  If neither our dad or my father-in-law can be with us, then that cementery is not a bad place to be, beautifully pedicured and manicured vegetation.  State-of-the-art facilities.  The sun hits Don Teco's grave.  Across the street, at Porta Coeli Cementery, we visited Tío Amilcar, our great uncle.  Tío Amilcar has been in Porta Coeli since 2006.   A sidewalk vendor outside both cementeries sold flowers, my sister picked the perfect white bouquet for our great uncle.

Now i imagine what Sister Sunday would be like if all three men were alive, Dad, Don Teco and Tío Amilcar.

Unchanged maybe my sister's trip to get her nails done with a friend.

Later we are meeting my sister again for lunch.  


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