Thursday, July 03, 2014


Fireworks Tonight

Look for a celebration of all big July wrongdoing cuts.  Look for a way to run July wrongdoing cuts into August, September, October and November.  There will be a new set of cuts in December.

Look for the intact spoon frequency of fire, standing in that frequency with all safety precautions taken, weaponry can be removed from all that needs to be recalled.  Look for a jump back to Fireworks of Last Year, here it was the non-year, superstition-filled 2013, to set up something you will know how to set up when you research this!

Look for the Purple Fireworks to calm the stormy skies.  My purple eyeglasses are proof of the calming effects of purple.  Think of all summer purple things we need to use to calm agitated others.  Research summer purple.  Remember the purple rose of Cairo!

In LOVE 2014 efforts, there is a fireworks display for a day soon, while working on fireworks make sure you identify the LOVE 2014 fireworks and let everyone know so that the date on which those fireworks will be displayed is saved.

early fourth of july greetings!  warmth.  prosperity.  everything good.

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