Friday, February 11, 2005


Stale Pita Rescue

Rescue stale whole wheat pita from the fridge! Cut one pita circle in strips. Stir fry it at a very low temperature (I used the next to lowest setting in my stove top dial) in a covered pan with extra virgin olive oil sprinkled with marjoram and oregano and a bunch of sliced, fresh veggies -- I used onions, green peppers, garlic and carrot shavings (shaved instead of cut to bring their cooking time to par with all the sliced veggies). Sprinkle all a bit of salt after a few minutes of stir-frying (Please don't kill your veggies with high cooking temperatures or too much salt). The finishing touch: I added a bit of cubed roasted garlic Vermont cheddar cheese for a melted layer on top. The result: one of my culinary masterpieces: crisp, tasty veggies with chewy pita.

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