Monday, April 25, 2005


Convincing Environmental Cynics

World Changing posted an optimistic take on how well the environmental movement is doing @ the juncture where we celebrated Earth Day '05. Our challenge = convincing cynics that environmentalism is a good idea. My contribution to the debate:
"Cynics can be asked to buy hybrid cars w. saving gas money in mind or to
taste a drop of organic, 100% fruit spread and compare that sublime taste to a
same size sample of Smuckers. Or to smell an all-natural bleach alternative
detergent and compare it to a sniff of Clorox. Better yet, cynics can stick
their hands into a sinkful of dishes w. natural detergent and then into a sink
that has Palmolive. Or feed a child an organic kiddie meal (organic black bean
burrito, a brown sugar oatmeal cookie and a glass of real milk) and then
compare his/her behavior to a child's who had a McDonalds' happy meal. Many
will change their minds..."

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