Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Be A Good Human Too: Drink Coffee *Not* From A Disposable Cup

"The Good Human" writes ten plus things you can do to be a good human too appearing in this week's "Carnival of the Green", here's one that is so obvious it makes my stainless steel coffee mug jump into my handbag wondering if my local not-Starbucks coffee purveyor will agree to serve my coffee in it:

10. You know that $4.00 you may spend every morning on a cup of black water at Starbucks? How about putting that water in a re-usable thermos or mug? So many paper and plastic cups get thrown away every day in the country it makes me ill. You already spend a fortune on coffee, pick up a mug for $5.00 and use it everyday. Just think how superior you will feel when you pass a trash can full of cups!

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