Tuesday, February 07, 2012


A big almond-filled Hershey's kiss! Distributing Projects for My People

A big almond-filled Hershey's kiss to all this Saint Valentine's month.  Those of you who read Good Bloggin' but know are not part of the group for whom this blog entry is intended are welcome to read, dream, receive a virtual almond-filled Hershey's kiss and understand.

Volunteers first.... who volunteers to take care of President Obama's yesterday (Johnny Lennon?)  and his tomorrow (Isabel García?)?  Who volunteers to add inspiration to his campaign for a second term (The East?)? who volunteers for the Extraordinary Bedrock project with Boy George in charge (The South?)?  who volunteers to distribute special talents we may need for  the President Obama and the Extraordinary Bedrock projects (The West?)?

The North is assigned to providing answers and "checks and balances" (including watching for people who may be travelling uninvited to one of our locations) for the projects we have underway and those we are about to begin (the Indian Children's Palace and Indian Children Child Command - Bombay Group is assigned to be in charge).  We need to find out how to turn around the latest wave of replenishments, maybe the Perry Mason folks can find out how.  There may be something related to the fact that exhaustion was one of the reasons we had so many problems.  Also,  I need to turn around lightning, those operating with lightning of their own may be able to help. 

Project Daniel Saint Paul is building on where we were at the height of the nine zeroes-attack/crisis.  Volunteers are needed to take stock of where we were and how we are doing now.  How many people have benefitted from our work?  How many have been pulled out of the consequences of nine zeroes?  The reporter in San Francisco who is involved already with our work is the one who is asked to please help us identify the person who can chronicle the cause of nine zeroes, that which we know about, pinpoint what we do not know about, and collaborate with volunteers to write the > Daniel Saint Paul report <.

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