Thursday, March 29, 2012


March March Marching Now

Marching now:

1.  Jodie Foster to remake Taxi Driver / does she know how powerful her Taxi Driver is?
2.  Allowing Catholic Priests to Marry
3.  Yahoo! Religion Section
4.  Population Planning rather than isolated Parenthood Planning
5.  Twinning Ed Lucas and his couple.  From Sesame perspective, he's ready to be twinned with an Arabic sesame newcomer.
6.  Photography, art, music and writing talents to be distributed.
7.  She who can read this month of March closer as part of Persian defence.  Beam!  Bam!  Boom!  Dollar! Dole! Dolby!  Rhodes! / Is Perseus properly defended?  Do we have likeness cloud defenders selected and ready to join us?

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