Saturday, January 26, 2013


Defence in Other Languages

1.  Search for the fairy language spoken by the Violent Femmes whose songs are not for children.  If by any chance children have heard their music and lyrics one can explain that the language they speak is not really English, it is a fairy language.  "Add It Up" has a defence meaning that must be decoded.
2.  CAB VI language is important for those processing the K.
3.  URA 25 has a language similar to the ocean language that is behind the salsa song "Devórame".
4.  Danny Rivera sings in Spanish but there is another language behind his version of "La Borinqueña".
5.  Search for olympic frequencies within German language to drive out malfeasance and to lead to its language of origin.  Who is going to acquire the ability to speak German fluently to take on this task?
6.  It is important that those of us who speak English to know basic terms in other languages for locations such as France, Argentina, Singapore, India and Poland.

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