Saturday, April 27, 2013


Crashing in Zeus: The Ocean and The Sand

Hej D., What happened today would not have happened had Stella González of India herself been brought in to Castrurdiales to see how the ocean is crashing, as it normally crashes, into waves.  Stella Felli comes to mind as someone who can read the sand *and* the ocean, including how ocean waves crash into the sand or rocks, palm trees or pine trees, shells or starfish.

Anyone can translate for Stella González should there be a language barrier.

Stella Felli is to be made in Rimini and be Italian.  She will do her readings in Taranto, Italy and she is to please read the Mediterranean in Italian.

Molto grazie.  I'll stop now, the ocean readings are hers, the Ocean Witch.

Pa, F.

P.D.:  Stella's sizable defence will always know where her couple is.  Stella0c] and Stella'o'0'6.

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