Saturday, April 27, 2013


Unwanted, Even Belligerent, Visitors

We must ask for help to scan the spectrum for belligerent and/or unwelcome beings that may try to appear in our midst.  I suspect Damian Buczek to be at risk of being the target of such visit.  Defence must have answers and proactive scanning equipment.  Ask the good people who are in Haiti, the people in Fajardo and the people in France to query what equipment is available for spectrum defence purposes.

The best place to scan is the Arecibo Observatory, a place we must become familiar with and learn about the defence efforts that already are underway there.  The Arecibo Observatory is the only site of its kind.  It may not be accessible from certain frequencies.

What causes belligerence in the Universe?  Lack of attention comes to mind, lack of preventive efforts, uninformed leadership and isolation.  Leadership, Elizabeth, Karma, the very top of the totem pole, the Grandmasters, the Masters all must make efforts to understand this problem, to cut off access to weaponry, to cut off access to means of transportation to peaceful locations and identify the would-be perpetrators of unwanted, belligerent visits.

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