Friday, April 18, 2014


Yesterday was the 17th of April Already

April is just becoming May faster than faster.  Today while at church someone tried to break into my elderly mother's Jeep Patriot.  She likes leaving little things in her Jeep, now she has to move everything.  And, she's very upset.  Writing this I relive the moment of hearing something wrong in her voice.  God help us.

Something makes me want to look back at the year that has passed.   Everything since last Easter.  Have I become a better person?  I hope so.  Have I lived my life for the good of others?  I hope so.  Do I need to make any changes?  I do.  There are some changes I can not put into words but I must make changes in my life to make it even better.

A list randomly added here for those who know I'd like to write a book someday:

God, help us live peaceful, happy lives away from crime from now on.

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