Sunday, April 19, 2015


G0x go Sunday, go Sunday, G0x

Plan Zzzz dominated yesterday, after what must have been the most soporific wine and mango juice combination.  Today, rested and ready, the day began with really lunch!  Lunch at El Camarón, where the veggie choices are soup with all chicken removed, french fries, white rice.  I had white rice with some bean sauce and french fries.  Oh, and a non-veggie QUIPE fritter.

G0x is today's code, please look into it if you can!

lunch lasted 'til well after 2 p.m., we then visited my mom where I caught some MLB action, the Tampa Bay Rays v. the New York Yankees -- I was without a moment's hesitation on the Yankee side.

Then, off to Sam's where I found new walking clothes which I wore for a walk before dinner and then church.

G0x is today's code, even after sundown!

Sunday gives way to Monday, and we know Friday is not possible without Monday, so ... :)

Tomorrow's code?  You will find it if you look for it.

Jupiter himself has a G0x string of code that will help us extricate all the missing matches, the right love, of the one who gave me a red rose!  Jupiter himself will know who I'm referring to and will help in the process of matching everyone properly.

Pock has new instructions to read from every United Nations location - each nation has a G0x string that will help match everyone properly.

Galaxy.Org has a big ONLINE celebration to welcome and the other websites in development.

Dominic Keating has studies on how we can best interact with police in the G0x trend - he will look into this and know what to do.

Damian Buczek is to celebrate the finding of his ASTRO!

Ra from Ciales is to help drive FEAR out of the online world, he will research this and know what to do.

tut from Aibonito is to please fix the Temple Roof I was in today, he will research this and know what to do.

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