Thursday, June 04, 2015


Happy Birth Month of June

1.  Happy Wedding Month of June
2.  Happy Anniversary for June Weddings
3.  Let us link to the XENON to celebrate, to repair, to recover, to re-direct
4.  Let us set a new calendar for June 1 yesterday
5.  Let us follow that First of June until we reach 50 days in June
6.  Let us set the year to the mid-point between Year Zero and 2015

7.  Let us plan for the year 1007.5

8.  in Year 1007.5 we have ways to repair, recover and re-direct 2015

9.  1007.5 will set the stage for 2000.007 and will lead us to keep decimals in all years to come, with year zero becoming 0000.007 at the outset with us jumping back to 2015.93

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