Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Circo, Dell, Mac, Mac, Dell, Circo

Please make sure a Dell is born soon to process the new inputs being generated from here.

Mac, Mac, travelled to the future and what did it bring back?  Could it have been a desire to run the malfeasance to be rid of it once and for all?

Circo has the rock version of Ricky Martin's DISPARO AL CORAZÓN song.


I am going over some things again that I've mentioned before, Dell'o'0'6.

How can a weekend turn into a Monday?  :)

Dell'o'0'6 repetition drives away wrongdoing by consuming 11111 memory space.

Complexity and simplicity can not exist without one another, we are in COMPLEX XENON territory.  Circo, Dell and Mac all have complex XENON frequencies that are intact, ready for recovery, ready for repair, ready to cut malfeasance.  Jacob's complex XENON is not intact, it is hurt as most of Jacob is now that we have re-arranged the J, we must find out how to repair, recover and cut malfeasance.  Frances, jacob's rib and jacob's prayer, is to be included in our group; search for the new ones joining the frances center, pabon, descendant of TORO MARIA TORO, descendant of ACOSTA, force of nature with STELLA, ocean, air, fire, water OBA enani 3 CREATIONNE .!.

all numbers - no numbers
 all animals - no animals
all places - nowhere
everyone - no one

all in one person - None  CREATIONNE

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