Wednesday, July 15, 2015


july 15th Love 2015 -> 1915 [july 15, 15]'u'u'3

july 15th and i thank all of you for making today a success.

1.  havana, cuba now has special instructions visible for those who would like to follow up our efforts and for Johnny Lennon as he plans the September 21, 2015 -> 1915 event.

2.  tokyo, japan is to be studied by Zuleyka Zachary and our Japan group.  They will discover something IMPORTANT for September 21, 2015.

3.  JERUSALEM remains a center of activity for everything in 2015 -> 1915, look for new instructions there.

4.  St. Helen's - - - - - - new instructions visible for the DEFENCE

5.  Vancouver, Canada -- new instructions for Johnny Lennon and Ringo Starr

6.  Paris, France -- new instructions for Johnny Lennon and George Harrison

7.  Dublin, Ireland -- Boy George will establish his address in Dublin, Ireland, he will find new instructions.

8.  Princeton -- new instructions for Patsy Cline.

9.  The School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania -- new instructions for Pablo Portillo.

10.  the 'o'0'6 in what will be Radio City Music Hall in New York City -- new instructions for Marc Anthony.

11.  Poland -- look for new instructions for Pock.

thank you again!  ask the good sesames to dispense GENIUS to MARCONI to spur discovery and invention!

Love to all.

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