Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Taking the "can" out of the beans! Say Hooray Parmesan ! ! ! !

Ever wonder why your cannned beans are not nearly as good as your overnight-soak or fresh ones? Here's a quick way to take the "can" out of your beans! Do a mini-soak, soaking your beans for a few minutes to remove any salt or preservatives that may have been canned with your beans! I use my Pyrex giant (32 oz) measuring glass container with handle - my beans look pretty and happy as I remove salt and preservatives with a clean, cold water soak. When you have more time, you can also soak canned beans overnight - I'm soaking red kidney beans now in the fridge in a covered plastic 16 0z. Tupperware -- with extra virgin oil, oregano, cumin and low-sodium salt alternative. Tomorrow, I'm going to make bean paste in my handy mini-food processor to then cook (@ low temperature as I normally do!) for a nice "frijoles refritos"-type dish.

If I ever opened a health-food/fast-food chain it'd be called "Jumpin' Beans"!

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