Monday, April 25, 2005


Latina Diva's Site

A talented, bright, enterprising, successful, energetic and "cómica" boricua lawyer web-friend of mine is launching her redesigned website. We met when Vanity Fair published a trite, almost plagiaristic comedy column that proclaimed Latinos were "the help, the leafblowers" -- yuck! I've never bought or read that lousy magazine after that.

In response to my questions following her new website announcement, she wrote me this:
"No my lawyer hat has not been hung up yet - that is the very next thing on my forever increasing list-of-things to do. Now that all tests have been passed now I have to sit down and apply for the Bar - it is a 21 page application! I have already completed step 1: I printed out the 21 pages! (applause) thanks!

After I do that I want to put together my son's album - goodness sake he is FIVE! can I finish his album- after I finish his then i can do my daughter's - hopefully before SHE'S five! so the website is my passion but like I tell my husband I have been brainwashed to believe that I MUST get a "real" job. and nothing I can do can change that - not even the simple fact that guess what? I am extremely happy with
my life right now - and staying home taking care of the kids and running the
household AND the website.

But nooooo I "MUST" do the lawyer thing - it's just somethig I must do - I'll let u know how it goes- after I apply for the Bar I'm going to start the arduous process of finding a job - I hope it won't be that stressful - esp. since I know what I want -
and I am not giving up what I have now for anything less! "

Future plans: our "Diva Latina" blog (w. plenty of successful vida latina tips for everyone!) -- you'll find a diva lives in all of us! My friend will always be the ORIGINAL diva latina for all her talents and accomplishments.

P.S. You Mrs. Jennifer Lopez, I need to see some educational/intellectual accomplishments from you before you attain diva status in my blog.

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