Monday, May 30, 2005


Apropos DETB, Food Trap Mapping

Wired's wire listed this story to me apropos Morgan Spurlock's new book, the one I christened DETB. Apparently, researchers @ the University of Pennsylvania believe mapping food traps around schools may provide a better, more accurate picture of why children are overweight even obese in a given target area. Take a look @ part of what has been documented thus far:

One place they're studying is Southwark School, at Ninth and Mifflin
Streets in South Philadelphia. A map drawn by the cartographic lab shows three
stars indicating "recreational opportunities." There are 25 squares of various
colors -- all "food opportunities" within a half-mile radius of the
school. Within a block of the school are a pizza shop selling cheese
fries, a hoagie shop with jumbo 50-cent sodas, and a Chinese takeout with a big
selection of candy and chips. Researchers surveyed 600 students at Southwark and
other schools. About half of them bought food on the way to school, spending on
average $2 a day.(...) The pattern repeated on the way home. (emphasis mine, you can see that food dwarfs recreation 8.33:1)

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