Thursday, May 05, 2005


Snails in the Lab

British scientists have availed themselves to the large neurons of pond snails to further memory research. Apparently, humans and snails share a protein which is easily studied in snails. Maybe guinea escargot will help one remember, say, all passwords, in old age...

Geoff, thank you! I found this on the Moreover RSS (Really Simple Syndication - for those who didn't know) human sciences news feed you so kindly recommended.

To our readers: Geoff has been swamped w. work so sending copies of his science news postings here has proven cumbersome -- something I never intended our collaboration to be! So, the smartest thing to do, is to eliminate duplication and needless additional burden on Geoff (he knows how much we value him and his web presence!) -- in the future, I'm going to post links here to interesting postings over @ .

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