Thursday, May 05, 2005


Songs, Sites & Earth: Meet Heidi Allen

Talented singer, webmaster, blogger, and environmentalist, Heidi Allen and I exchanged email while I was doing research on a story posted @ Ars Politica.

Impressed by Heidi's work, I asked her to answer my "meet the blogger" questions, which she did with candor, humor and originality. See for yourself:

1. Why did you start ""?

It's a repository for my music, my writing, my projects, my activism, my compulsively organized links and miscellaneous thoughts and media mentions. In essence, it pulls together the bits of me that are scattered around the web.

2. What do you like best about blogging?

It's a great way to get ideas out to people in a rapid and simple manner.

3. What do you like least about it?

The inevitable discovery that a post didn't convey things as well as I thought they did when I wrote it!

4. What tips do you have for people who want to start their own blog?

Well, I'm no master at this, but convey something meaningful in every post... humor, information, perspective, ideas, excitement, questions,creativity and so on. I see way too many blog posts that say, "Today, nothing happened." Also, unless the blog is intended solely for friends and family, avoidposts that assume the reader knows all your friends. I occasionally see posts like, "Sally called and wanted to talk about Nick. Corey and John won't believe this!". Ok, I'm lost.

5. What do you see for yourself and "" in the future?

For myself, I want to finish my CD, get my other websites up to snuff, finish the thousands of projects that I'm always in the middle of and, uh, save the world. Not much, really.

For, I want to post more frequently, get new music samples up, add more to the Problems & Solutions Matrix, add more of my writings and get the rest of my Drink O' Links online.

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