Monday, June 13, 2005


Not Buying Books

My college buddy, Christian Crumlish, has tagged me to play in a meme that I should disqualify myself from because... ah, secret! Instead, I'm going to play anyway!

1. Total number of books owned: A handful, I'm known for my disdain for book-buying. Stingy, yes!

2. Last book bought: Morgan Spurlock's "Dont Eat This Book" which my husband bought, he's the big book buyer in our family. Bought with my own money? Christian's "Power of Many"

3. Last book read: Uh, phone book? :-) Seriously now, my mind is pulling up reading a children's book to my niece, but I can't recall the title. Not Dr. Seuss, it sure was not, what a sad knot in my throat.

4. Five books that mean a lot to me:

My senior year thesis @ Princeton: "The New Republic on Latin America in the Inter-War Years, 1919-1939"

"DotCom Divas" by Elizabeth Carlassare. Beth's sister, Cathy, was my first year roommate @ Princeton, we have been friends ever since. Cathy gave me the book, which means a lot to me because it was the first written by someone that close to me.

Could I mention "Power of Many" by Christian Crumlish again? I will, I love Xian's work, his writing is always witty, earnest in an aloof way and a window into his genius.

Don Quijote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes: my tattered, hand-me-down paperback lies somewhere in my mother's house, but I remember thinking when I first read it that I'd never make it through and calling Dr. Cliff Notes, but then I DID make it! The riveting story triggered my absorption in it. A Quijote I knew I carried inside after I finished.

Any books about the JFK or Jackie O., both remind me of my late grandmother who adored JFK and thus had some interest in his wife. Tied w. Elizabeth Kubler Ross' "On Death and Dying" which I devoured when my father was terminally ill with lung cancer.

5. Tag five people to continue the meme:

The Unchosen One, Heidi Allen, Daniel Scally, Gaby de Wilde and Becky López

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