Tuesday, June 14, 2005


"The Power of Us" or Hey, Has Xian Seen This?

Business Week borrows heavily, it seems, from Xian's "Power of Many" in its cover story "Power of Us"

Here's an excerpt for Xian to maybe send his attorney to protect his copyright:

"Everywhere, people are getting together and, using the Internet,
disrupting whatever activities they're involved in." [quote by Pierre M. Omidyar, Founder & Chairman fo Ebay] ... Behold the power of us. It's the force behind the collective clamor of Weblogs that felled CBS (VIA ) anchorman Dan Rather and rocked the media establishment. Global crowds of open-source Linux programmers are giving even mighty Microsoft Corp. (MSFT ) fits. Virtual
supercomputers, stitched together from millions of volunteers' PCs, are helping
predict global climate change, analyze genetic diseases, and find new planets
and stars. One investment-management firm, Marketocracy Inc., even runs a sort
of stock market rotisserie league for 70,000 virtual traders. It skims the cream
of the best-performing portfolios to buy and sell real stocks for its $60
million mutual fund.

Although tech companies may be leading the way, their efforts are shaking
up other industries, including entertainment, publishing, and advertising.
Hollywood is under full-scale assault by 100 million people sharing songs and
movies online via programs such as Kazaa and BitTorrent. The situation is the
same with ad-supported media: Google Inc.'s (GOOG ) ace search engine
essentially polls the collective judgments of millions of Web page creators to
determine the most relevant search results. In the process, it has created a
multibillion-dollar market for supertargeted ads that's drawing money from
magazine display ads and newspaper classifieds. [Dim grey text and red emphasis mine.]

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