Friday, February 24, 2012


"A little gold to get started" Thank you Sandra!

Grand Masters can provide.  Safari can provide.  Time to build wealth, springtime, remember under Pompeii there is black diamond wealth. Some time ago we brokered Philadelphia Freedom, which shares its name with the song.  I have a feeling it is time to broker for our crew.  I'm not sure how precious is the sign of French Olympus I brokered, but brokering precious signs, rings and sculptures is a priority this season.  Who volunteers to coordinate, including thank the brokers? Bon Jovi?  [while you are with him, please ask him to please do his own cover of the Philadelphia Freedom song :)]
 List of People to Broker For:
1.  President Obama :::::::: A Philadelphia Freedom Old Glory, all metal color, about the size of the palm of my hand
2.  Tom Jones ::::::: A coin, the children decide what it should be made of, with the likeness of the young goddess who carries Tom Jones olympus, galactic, human and non human. She carries due to the crisis God's defenders.
3. John Elway ::::::: The discus pyramid made of the material the children decide on.
4.  Anthony Michael Hall ::::::: A precious trident, children make the final decision of what it will be made of and make the presentation.
5. Louis VIII ::::::: A globe of Earth made similar to the Sun's Earth globe which stands in an axis.  The project for Louis VIII belongs to Sandra, she decides how and from what it will be made.
6. Jack Nicholson :::::: A precious Star of David, similar to the Israeli flag, children decide what it should be made of with the intention of getting for him a magical Star of David to watch of Jude, Lazarus, and all children.
7.  Meryl Streep ::::::: The North decides on a replica of the holy vest worn by Joan of Arc, in miniature size or palm size, they decide.  There is a Joan of Arc film project for the North to assign, Meryl has a role to play.  She has the replica of the French Olympus sign to see and the ability to speak french fluently to acquire.

* * * * * * *
Artificial intelligence should get from this a clear idea of what other gifts we have for Boy George, for Ricky Martin, for Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Mrs. Obama (as First Lady), Letizia of Spain, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Caledon, Kany Garcia, Diana Princess of Wales (remember the London Casino and the Calvin Klein jeans project)  and Kate Winslet.

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