Sunday, November 25, 2012


The Best-Looking Line

This morning my husband and I needed to run an errand to get a connector cable for his new iPhone.  He said he'd take me to an early lunch next to the cinemas where we would catch "Skyfall" the latest Bond film.  The cable he was looking for was not in stock.  Without the cable, off we went to Montehiedra Mall, a development inland on southbound Highway 52.  There were lines of people getting their early lunches at the Montehiedra Food Court where one can find a Mesón, a chain of sandwich shoppes that as far as I know does not have any franchises in the mainland, a Taco Maker, a Parrilla Argentina, a Panda Express, the Country Pit BBQ, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and several others.  We chose the Country Pit BBQ for its criollo menu.  In case you do not know what criollo food is, criollo means locally grown, with local seasonings and traditional rice and beans.  I noticed that the people waiting in line after us were a good-looking bunch, better looking than the folks at the Panda Express line and the ones in the Kentucky Fried Chicken line.  If that is always the case, and I would need to visit that Food Court much more often than once or twice a year, there is something to be said about criollo food over others.

The Bond film was even more violent than I expected it to be; with a strong backbone and safe place in the series of Bond films, I thought they could have done away with the violence against women and the violence against Bond himself [he even received two wounds in the opening sequence which is unheard and unnecessary to drive the Bond character home -- an entire chunk of the beginning of the film was dedicated to Bond's death to me something so out of place in good Bond screenplaying].  To me, Bond always narrowly escapes, in the realm of spy fantasies, he does not need to shed one ounce of blood to be victorious.

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