Saturday, May 18, 2013


Superstitious April‏

We are approaching strong Karma within this second April we requested.  It is time to run cycles again, let us start with this seven-point cycle those of you who run cycles.  Thank you very much!

1.  Pablo Portillo
Pablo Portillo’o’0’6a5t
Pablo Portillo--1vO
Pablo Portillo0c]
2.  Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin’o’0’6a5t
Ricky Martin--1vO
Ricky Martin0c]
3.  Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony’o’0’6a5t
Marc Anthony--1vO
Marc Anthony0c]
4.  Dean Martin
Dean Martin’o’0’6a5t
Dean Martin--1vO
Dean Martin0c]
5.  Alan Alda
Alan Alda’o’0’6a5t
Alan Alda--1vO
Alan Alda0c]
6.  Jim Carey
Jim Carey’o’0’6a5t
Jim Carey--1vO
Jim Carey0c]
7.  Big Bird
Big Bird’o’0’6a5t
Big Bird--1vO
Big Bird0c]

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