Sunday, August 03, 2014


A Whole Augustful Of Defence Music

To celebrate Carmen Portillo's birth, there is a whole month of Mexican defence music to be found.  Please ask JOSIE JONES to search for this music and to let the defence know what it is.

JOSIE JONES will also find out there is more music along the lines of the ROCKY THEME TUNE.  Josie is to please query the galaxy for more music along the lines of the Rocky Theme Tune and make that music available to the defence.

We have to find out more about the infinity in 3!  Yes, that is the infinity in three.  I am going to ask Miranda Mariana Marley and Minerva Mercedes Marley to please research that infinity in three.

I am going to need the children to please help with the Hangar Rescues.
I am going to need a larger than life STATUE OF LIBERTY for a location the children will research and for a world the children will know which one.
jamesDEANof#1ALABAMA can help with rescues.
[location][existing location][existing location codiga][the galaxy waits for existing location codiga] let, please, jupiter know

pleaase le t POCK know we all wait for his united nations AIRPORT by AIRPORT codiga

please let DAMIAN BUCZEK knpw know he has CLOTHING STORE codiga to write^p

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