Thursday, July 16, 2015


In My Dream, the Party was in a MONASTERY, planned by the CHURCH itself

In my dream last night, the party was in a monastery, and it was planned by the church itself.

In my dream, the fireworks light the southeast side of the monastery, which was oceanfront.

in my dream, i stood in the sand and watched the fireworks flow, glow, fire and work

in my dream, the party was packed

Pablo Portillo was there

Patsy Cline was there

there was a fashion show

the party all night good sesame was there

there were food stations like in the event after the Sagrado Corazón mass I attended last month

in my dream, i thought of asking jacob0 to look into oceanfront monasteries in Florida, near St. Augustine, in which to make the dream a reality

all the artists of the Love 2015 -> 1915 were invited and I knew they'd be there if not then, later


you decide how to proceed

let the church know, parties planned by them have GOD's backing


picture a party inside a Spanish-style courtyard.

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