Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Love 2015 !!! A Look from ROME

1.  In Havana, Cuba, connect from ROME tomorrow after the 5:00 a.m. song that covers for the vacationing Despues de Tanto.  You will be able to remove all wrongdoing in Havana, Cuba from Rome.

2.  In Tokyo, Japan, connect from ROME tomorrow after making the connection to Havana.  You will see what you can do.

3.  JERUSALEM connects to ROME anytime, please look into it.

4.  St. Helen's has an emergency ROME frequency, please look into it.

5.  Vancouver, Canada is part of the ROMAN FANTASY, please research it.

6.  Paris, France is connected to ROME in infinite ways, we must research this, please.

7.  Dublin, Ireland and ROME?  Tomorrow morning you will realize what the two together do.

8.  Princeton and Rome?  Galactic steps to take, Princeton Galactic can be tended to from ROME, especially after the collision.

9.  The School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania & ROME?  Tomorrow morning you will realize something that will open up endless connections to end emergencies.

10.  The 'o'0'6 that saved us @ Radio City Music Hall & Rome?  'o'0'6 is always ROMAN in GOD EMERGENCIES.  Let us see where that knowledge takes us when we research tomorrow morning.

11.  POLAND oversees all MAGIC, see how ROME sends strength up to it.

Buon giorno!  Amore is so near, ask:  Pablo Portillo, MENUDO, Whitney Houston, the DEFENCE, the Princeton Footnotes, Kany García, Boy George and his Culture Club, Patsy Cline,  Marc Anthony & Pock to see what/where looking for AMORE versions of their songs leads us.


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