Saturday, November 14, 2015


November 14th, a SATURDAY, NoonTime LOVE RUN!

Heartfelt thanks to all who made the FAJARDO MUSIC HISTORY moment of a Love Run at noonish, wasn't it? My God, information has been sent to Pablo Portillo to start to begin to analyze what we've done, kisses, hugs, and my best to: 1. Ricky Martin and Meg Ryan 2. Whitney Houston and FOFE 3. MENUDO 4. Silvio Rodriguez 5. the DEFENCE! 6. Patsy Cline 7. The PRINCETON FOOTNOTES 8. Kany García, the lead singer of DEPECHE MODE and SELENA 9. Boy George and Culture Club 10. Pablo Portillo himself! 11. Marc Anthony 12. Pock 13. to all who made this music moment possible - john lennon must find out exactly why he made this music moment possible! the safari! the Masters of the Universe and the Grandmasters of the Universe! Doing a backwards Love Run that just ended a few minutes ago, I noticed 2014, the greatest love of all, is at the CENTER of all LOVES, something we must study -- and see how other loves are positioned towards it -- the love of CHRIST for example is in a different position than FAJARDO LOVE. Think of different loves - EAGLES LOVE - FROG LOVE - MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE LOVE - KAREN's LOVE - MOTHER'S LOVE - we'll come up with a long list of loves we must find and see where in relation to the GREATEST LOVE OF ALL they are positioned and whether we need to fix anything. And- while thinking of the LOVE of CHRIST, it occurred to me in Christ, the GREATEST LOVE OF ALL is one of the last go-to FIGHT SONGS, check this out to see how true it is!

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