Sunday, February 27, 2005


Baby blog takes its first steps w. Xian

Hello to everyone who linked here from -- the virtual move is still in the works but before I'd like to take my first steps to introduce to you who this "baby blog" considers the first in my All-time Pros of the Blogosphere.

1. Fellow Princeton alum, Christian "Xian" Crumlish, runs Radio-Free Blogistan, which is skillfully packed to the last byte with useful information, opinion and advice. Rev up all your neurons, your experience will be tantamount to taking a fantastic voyage into Xian's digital brain, his blog is one of the best of the web and his team of co-writers is top-notch. Xian published "Power of Many" last year, the first book I'm buying for myself from Amazon (most of my e-purchases there are gifts, including the "write-your-own book" I got for my 8-year old niece) in a long time. The "Power of Many" blog is available to effortlessly practice what Xian is preaching, visit it regularly if you'd like to become more sophisticated in matters related to the Web's many powers, carefully selected briefings on the tech-world, and a soft-spoken tone which will keep you coming back. Visit his personal blog, Xianlandia, if you'd like a candid look @ his everyday life and to see more of his remarkable creative talents on display.

As I learn more about pro-blogging, I'll clue you in on who I consider part of this All-Time Pro group, ok? You, please, feel free to recommend any mega-bloggers (or baby bloggers and any in between the two) out there to me.

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