Saturday, February 26, 2005


Tea Collection Growth Slowed Down

Today, my Vanilla Hazelnut and Pau D'Arco tea boxes were taken away by an impatient delivery peson who didn't wait for me to answer the door! Now, my collection is just at the ones I have here, ready for my friends and those of you I'm trying to favorably impress (you know who you are!) who may want to stop by and have a cup:
  1. Blueberry Leaf (alert, alert, this one is not blue, but it's still good for you, I'd suggest you have it in the morning)
  2. Chamomile (At first, calming but then a bit jittery but it's still nice)
  3. Chinese Green Tea (the supercalihealthilicious-antioxidant-e)
  4. Echinacea (anti-inflammatory, will help even the most infected of tonsils)
  5. Fasting Yogi Tea (I've had it for awhile maybe I'll take it off this list once my Vanilla Hazelnut gets here.)
  6. Ginger Root (beware, one cup of this one will keep you super-awake for hours!)
  7. Passion Flower (a misnomer, it'll put you right to sleep just like any good sedative)
  8. Peppermint (the one I'm drinking now)
  9. Sleepytime (this one has been languishing since I'd rather have Passion Flower @ night)
I'm going to post a note on my front gate to the delivery person "wait! I'm here, I need my tea delivery! P.S. I need my organic futon cover too!"

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