Friday, March 25, 2005


Read the plants on the wall

Last weekend, I visualized a new art form: "plants on the wall." Since I'm a well-known involuntary flora-cide perpetrator (dont' know why, the only plants that thrive around me are the wild ones outside - I've been known to bring the water in which I boiled my veggies out to them), I present this idea to those of you who know how to grow plants (and for those of you who may try this one day): I'd like to see artwork that is made up of living plants that can be hung on a wall. The image I have is of a thin, flat, open-top, crystal rectangle filled with some water, soil and with beautiful growing plants hanging from a wall. Wouldn't that be interesting?

Just now (a day after I wrote this posting), I'd like to add that a multi-media installation created with some plants would work too -- to "green up" the contemporary art world!

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