Thursday, March 17, 2005


First Mini-Tour: "Lady Blogs"

Last night, it occurred to me it'd be nice to set up "tours" of the Blogosphere, to take people to blogs that interest them, by asking them exactly what'd they like to visit or which type of publication they normally read (the user could ask: "take me to all the blogs of New York Times Magazine caliber"). Here's a mini-tour list, I've replaced my women's magazine reading with what I refer to as "Lady Blogs" -- the top three I'm getting used to reading are:

1. Lotería Chicana: written by a UCLA PhD student who has a gift for observation, humor, commentary, story-telling and a loyal following.
2. Blogcabin: Recently, this blog re-opened its doors in, today its freelance author celebrates St. Pat's Day, she also has a gift for story-telling and willingness to share tidbits about her world in a very amusing way.
3. Rayne Today: FOAF and Radio-Free Blogistan contributor, her posting "Having an awkward moment" is something every woman (and man, but us women tend to do a lot more nurturing) should read.

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