Monday, May 09, 2005


Send off to Science @ Ars Politica 1

Sending you off to Ars Politica to read interesting science postings (most recent one first):

1. Stem Cells Can Grow Human Eggs: I'd like to see cells that help people unnecessarily tonsillectomized as children regrow their palatine tonsils.

2. Fat Bacteria: I'd never thought bacteria would be the possible culprits for excessive body fat.

3. Mirror Neurons: could be the key to telepathy.

4. Sort of Milk: necessary or not, this could go the way of genetically-modified food.

5. Mind-Reading Computers: Geoff knows I love this kind of story, standard "misuse of technology" consequences apply.

6. Remote Controlled Rats: forcible "harat-kiri"?

7. Mice in Suspended Animation from Stink Gas: how can a body subsist w/o food or water?

8. Mom’s Mitochondria Cause Prostate Cancer: Mitochondria a cell's power supply -- the cell renewal agents that regrew my tonsils are known to act on mitochondria.... but more about that later.

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