Saturday, June 18, 2005


"Free Money" Fraud

Matthew Lesko has made himself a fortune by enticing gullible, needy readers to buy his "Free Money" series of books. Spread the word to all your friends, family and anyone who you think could be victimized: Lesko is a fraud, and his books are worthless.

Bill Edwards, Executive Director of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity ("AEO") has written about his horrid experience w. victims Lesko's books in response to a message from Jonah Gensler, USA Director for Trickle Up -- here's an excerpt:
Since I have been working at AEO from 1999 on we have been receiving
a stream of both written unsolicited funding requests as well as a very large
number of telephone inquiries [bearing the same trademark structure and format]. We believe that nearly all of these inquiries can be attributed to Matthew Lesko and his publications such as "Government Grants, Grant Money, Free Government Grants and Free Government Money" (which can be purchased for $69.95 plus shipping and handling). One of his other publications is "Free Money for Entrepreneurs" (on sale for $39.95 plusS&H). The calls and letters are very difficult for AEO to handle; I have personally handled hundreds of calls from eager entrepreneurs over these past six years and it is very sad and disturbing to me when individuals realize they have been the victims of misinformation and have wasted their money by purchasing these publications. Red text derived from the message Jonah Gensler wrote.

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