Friday, August 19, 2005


Tongue-Tied with Tito Trinidad

Last night I ran into Tito Trinidad, the boxer, in a convenience store housed by the Hospital Auxilio Mutuo, where my husband was re-hospitalized last Monday. Tito drew my attention with his height and rapid talking into his cell phone. Looking @ him with amazement, I asked "are you Tito Trinidad?". He said, "I am"! Not knowing what else to say, I said "Wow!", smiled and looked down @ cup of tea I was waiting for to finish steeping. At the cash register, I saw him again, when our eyes met, I had the sense to say "good luck!" and "take good care!" to which he replied, with a big smile, "Thanks!". My mind hummed part of the Fiel a la Vega song "llegó el héroe, llegó el héroe nacional" which Tito inspired.

P.S. My husband is doing fine, he'll be home on Monday after finishing seven days of therapy with antibiotics.

P.P.S. The Fiel a la Vega song that ran thru my mind is:
"Breve Anécdota de Heroisimo Folklórico de Fin de Milenio" of the "Tres" CD recorded in 1999, a year in which Tito won a title -- I forget which one. Listen to the song one day, part of it says, translated into English, "welcome national hero, everyone wants to touch you, welcome national hero, everyone wants to hug you".

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